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    Anonymous said: Where is the Rite Aid in downtown Durham? What is it near? Is it on Main Street?

    It’s on Main St but it’s off of Mill Rd. It’s next to the Durham MarketPlace, which is the main grocery store downtown. It’s also near BagelWorks and Mei Wei. It’s part of that plaza downtown.

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    Anonymous said: When is the best time to go to the gym at UNH? I like to go to the gym when it's empty

    I would say go very early in the morning (like 6 or 7 am) or very late at night (like 9:30-10 pm). It’s the busiest around lunch time (11 am - 1 pm) and during the early evening (5-7 pm). 

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    Jealous of everyone starting classes today! Enjoy your time in Wildcat Country because before you know it, you’ll be an alumni like me! And you’ll be wishing you were starting school today with everyone else!

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    Good luck to all the freshmen moving in next Friday!!! I’m so jealous you guys are starting it all for the first time and I don’t get to go!

    Good luck to all the returning upperclassmen as well! I’m also jealous you guys get to go back and I can’t go back!

    If anyone has any questions or concerns or anything, message me and I’ll be happy to help  :)

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    Anonymous said: I am living in Serc A next year and I was just wondering where you do laundry on campus? Is there laundry in my dorm building or do I have to go somewhere else? Thanks!

    Congrats on getting into SERC A! It’s one of the nicest dorms on campus!

    There is laundry in every dorm building on campus. Yours is on the first floor, directly across from the front entrance. You will have to put money into your Cat’s Cash account to pay for the laundry because you have to swipe your ID card to pay for the machines.

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    Anonymous said: is the only resident parking option (through UNH) for someone who is a "resident West" Mast Lot?? I want to get a parking pass for next year but I'm confused/disappointed if I have to park in and commute to Mast Lot all the time..

    You can park in Mast Lot or West Edge as a student on campus. Those are the largest parking lots and are also the cheapest. There are buses that run to them everyday, every 5 minutes. I’ve had lots of friends park out there and it’s not as bad as you think.
    You can also park at Gables or Woodsides lots (if you’re living in either on campus apartment building) but they cost a lot more and I’m not sure if there’s any spaces left. 

    Unfortunately, other than that, there’s no other on campus parking lots. However, like I said before, it seems like the West Edge and Mast Lots are far but they’re really not and having the buses come all the time makes it easy!

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    Anonymous said: have you ever been to Stoke?

    I spent a night in Stoke when I went to freshman orientation and I also had friends live there my freshman year. So yes, I have been to Stoke. It’s not THAT bad but it definitely has a reputation for a reason.

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    Anonymous said: what do you do at orientation at UNH

    Well there’s two different types of orientation at UNH. There’s the One-Day and the Two-Day orientation. During the one-day, you get to select your classes and meet a few people who will be in your college and some of your classes. The Two-Day you do the same thing but you also spend the night in a dorm (Stoke Hall) and you get to experience eating in the dining halls and you have more time to bond with other incoming freshman, including people in your major and your college! 

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    Anonymous said: congratulations!!!

    Thank you!!! :)

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    Last Video :( 

    Hey guys (and girls)! This is going to be my last video since I’m graduating in a few weeks. I’ll still answer any questions you have but I won’t put out any more videos after today. Good luck to everyone with the end of the year projects, papers and finals!

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    Anonymous said: are there classes on monday the 6th?

    Yes, Monday May 6th is the official last day of classes.

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    Anonymous said: how can i check how many guest passes i have?

    You can check at the machines in the MUB, outside Philly Cafe and WildKitty that tell you how many Dining Dollars, Cat’s Cashe and Guest Passes you have. You can also go up to the people that take the swipes and ask them to check for you.

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    Anonymous said: During the admitted students day, do you stay with your parents or do you go off with students while your parents have their own information sessions.

    Do you mean the admitted students day in the spring? You stay with your parents pretty much the entire time. There’s lots of stuff to see and do with your family.

    For the freshman orientation in June, you have your own information session and your parents have theirs so you’ll be separate from them for that.

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    wilted----rain-deactivated20130 said: hi, i asked you yesterday about which dorm was best to live in as an incoming freshman; i went through your archive a bit and watched your video about the dorms, and i've pretty much ruled out stoke and christensen/williamsen. if i wanted to live in a relatively nice dorm where everyone was friendly and that wasn't completely off of the map, what would you suggest? thank you! :)

    If you want to live in a nice dorm close to everything, I would suggest the Lower Quad (Gibbs, Engelhardt, Hunter) or the Upper Quad (Hitchcock, Randall, Devine). They have the best location, are a little bit older but not falling apart or disgusting by any means, and they are usually pretty good for meeting new people and making new friends!

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    wilted----rain-deactivated20130 said: hi, i'm sorry for asking because i'm sure you get this a lot, but what are the best dorms to room in as a freshman? i have to pick my dorm and i have no idea which ones are the best and would mind if you could give me some insight, thank you! :)

    Ah sorry for not answering this earlier but I’ve been crazy busy!!!

    The best dorms as a freshman depends on what type of person you are. If you’re going to UNH and already know a lot of people going as well and you like to party, then I would advise the freshman only dorms Christensen and Williamson. If you’re not a big partier and want to get to know more people better, I would suggest the Lower Quad (Gibbs, Hunter, Engelhardt) or Jessie Doe, McLaughlin or Lord. 



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